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Missionary News & Updates

Bill and Laura Naas.jpg

Bill and Laura Naas 
Western Indian Mission

in Window Rock Arizona

Hilltop is going strong with God's help!

Hilltop Christian School is going strong! March 16 began our school closure which we call "Hilltop at Home". All of our teachers from PreK3-7th grade began sending packets home twice a week with homework for all students. On March 30 we transitioned to a completely online format. Our teachers meet daily for a Zoom meeting and are working 8-3 Monday-Friday. Every Hilltop teacher meets with their class daily for a Zoom class meeting and all the student's assignments are posted and submitted to their teachers on Schoology. Our principal and librarian are posting videos made especially for our students on YouTube. Our preschool is open daily and our amazing preschool teachers are teaching in person and online! Our students are going to finish the 4th quarter strong!! Go Hilltop! You are rocking the school closure!

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